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Installing Net::Amazon::S3 Perl module on an Ubuntu server

The following is the same on recent Ubuntu releases, including Karmic, Lucid and Maverick.

What will not work

There seems to be a problem if you install Net::Amazon::S3 from CPAN. This will not work:

sudo cpan Net::Amazon::S3

Just about every dependency in the world installs, but fails in the home stretch when XML::LibXML::XPathContext and XML::LibXML fail to install.

What will work

sudo aptitude install libnet-amazon-s3-perl
sudo cpan Net::Amazon::S3::Client

Test your install with this

After throwing some data into S3 with S3Fox, test your installation. You will need to set values for aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key, of course.

use warnings;
use strict;
use Net::Amazon::S3;
use Net::Amazon::S3::Client;

my %s3_hash = (
				aws_access_key_id     => "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
				aws_secret_access_key => "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY",
				retry                 => 1,

my $s3 = Net::Amazon::S3->new( \%s3_hash );
my $client = Net::Amazon::S3::Client->new( s3 => $s3 );

my @buckets = $client->buckets;
foreach my $bucket (@buckets) {
	print $bucket->name . "\n";