Top 10 Perl Sites

As is typical of my posts, this is another reference for my own use. When I can’t immediately remember something, I look here or on my private wiki. I hope you find this list useful.

The mothership. Includes: Planet Perl : Perl History : Learn Perl : Online Perl Documentation

Home of the baddest Swiss Army Chainsaw there is.


The Comprehensive Perl Network. The reason I use Perl. Don not leave the womb with it.

Perl Monks

Wide-ranging discussions of every possible Perl permutation.

Planet Perl

Planet Perl is a regularly updated Perl blog with news from around the ‘net about Perl and Perl people. Definitely worth adding the RSS feed to Google Reader.

Infrequently updated, but still an interesting aggregate of Perl @ O’Reilly – the source of Perl paper artifacts.

Wiki Books Perl

A nice concentration of easily accessible Perl know how.

Perl 6

The future of Perl…beyond 5.x

Great Perl resource.

The Perl Foundation

The Perl Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code.

Perl Design Patterns

Cargill’s quandary: “any design problem can be solved by adding an additional level of indirection, except for too many levels of indirection.”

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  1. I need the perl script which stream video from server to any mobile device which contains that particular format please mail me a sample code for streaming a video on PC please email to ever you have code for streaming please share with me. Thanks, prasad

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